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    Default Enable Video Mirroring on Ipad 1 (via Jailbreak).

    If you're like me and too cheap to buy an ipad 2, or can't be bothered, or don't care, but would still like at least one of the cool new features on your old crotchety ipad 1, well now you can.

    What you will need:

    Step 1 Jailbreak your ipad (using redsnow or pwnage tool with iOS 4.3.1). I won't detail that here as there's another thread in the iphone forum.

    Step 2 Follow this guide Enable Display Mirroring on First generation iPad | Nature's Eye Studios

    I just tried it, works a treat using the VGA Adapter and apparently also with the HDMI Adapter as well.

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    Cool, does it do full HD? I'm guessing that just a software limitation on iPad 2.

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