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    hi all, i need advice on setting up mac os 10.3.9 to print to a print server(router) with a HP 2600 attached.

    Wonderful, so i have two windoze comps printing through this router to the printer and yet i cannot seem to work out how to do this(sorry if this sounds weird, but i am a windoze user by defualt) on Mac OS X.

    Hewlett Packard supports Mac so the driver is not a problem(their software is bloated though), and originaly i had the printer connected via ethernet to the router(which worked for all computers), but i need the port that the printer was plugged into, so.....

    i connected the printer to the USB port of the router, as it is a print server/router, which is fine, i know the printer works, but i have no idea about how to go about configuring it now. What's worse is that D-Link do not support Mac OSX so there is no guide.

    I have a D-Link 704UP and a HP All-in-one 2600.

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    Name the router/print server device that is the print server device. As its what this unit supports that determines how to setup the printer device on OSX to use the printer.

    Does the print server support IP printing, LP printing or what..

    More information required..

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