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    Default wifi stops working randomly, reseting ipad fixes it

    this has only happened since the newest ipad update and its driving me crazy.

    Wifi (i have only wifi not a 3g ipad) will just stop working randomly, i cant find any reason for it, but it will enerv seem to go more than half an hour without wigging out.

    The ipad shows that is it still connected to our home network, it shows a strong signal strength (so it should im in the same damn room most the time) but it just stops working! The only way ive been able to get it going again is to shut down the ipad and start it up again.

    i wanted to see if it was just me, just my ipad or maybe just the update, i proceeded to update my daughters ipad to the most recent patch. The same thing started happening on her ipad too now.

    did some setting change? i dont know much about thee kinds of things, but ive usually been able to fix things enough to get by with the help of google, but this time i'm really stuck, this device was great for sharing round the internet at my house when someone just wants to jump on quickly, my boyfriend used to love it, now he calls it a piece of useless garbage and kicks me off my computer to "check the net for sec"

    i cant go back to sharing my computer, please help me! what do i need to do to fix this!

    So far all ive done is reset my modem and router, upgraded firmware on router, and done a restore to one of the ipads because i heard that might help (it made no difference) is there anything else anyone can suggest.

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    Yep I have the same problem with 4.2.1. I never had any of the wifi problems in earlier versions, only after I upgraded. It usually works after I turn wifi off and on again, but it's quite annoying to have to do so.

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