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    Default Handbrake & Apple TV

    Ok a couple of quick questions. I am thinking of buying an Apple TV - they look pretty cool. I understand all mp3 & AVI have to be converted to itunes format? So one techy suggested Handbrake is the best for that. Ok so here are my questions (1) Do the files have to be stored in itunes of can I store them on an external hard-drive then plug that into my MBP for access? I dont really want to store stuff like that on my MBP hard-drive but thought maybe I could set up an external drive just to keep my media on and plug it in when I wish to access it? (is this possible?) - I do a similar thing with my PC and WD player - I store my files on a Seagate HD and then plug that into my WD Media Player - but now I am converting to mac, thought I would like Apple TV.
    (2) So if I was to download a You Tube clip does that have to be converted to itunes format before it will play?
    (3) Can I use my windows PC to convert the files and will Handbrake work on both PC and Mac?
    thank you - sorry for being dumb.

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    1. You need to add the media into iTunes, but you can store your iTunes library on an external HDD.

    2. If you *download* a YouTube clip, then yes, it has to be converted to the correct format. It may depend on if you download the MP4 or the FLV video. The MP4 video may just work right off the bat without conversion, but if it's an FLV file, you probably need to transcode it.

    However, YouTube is built in to the AppleTV's software, so you shouldn't need to download it, just watch it right off the net from the AppleTV on your TV - you can access your YouTube account's favourite videos from the AppleTV as well.

    3. Yes, you don't need a Mac. Handbrake is for Mac & PC and so is iTunes.

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    Won't it be great when Apple finally make a proper media player device for the lounge. .... We can only hope.

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    thank you - I shall try and work out how to transfer my iTunes to an external HD - as the moment I have a WD Passport for my back up files (time machine backup) so would like a seperate one for the Itunes media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboyoz View Post
    Won't it be great when Apple finally make a proper media player device for the lounge. .... We can only hope.
    They have. It's called an AppleTV...

    But you need to look elsewhere to play other wildly popular video formats...

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