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    Default Macbook Air and 64bit mode

    Has anyone enabled full 64bit mode on their Air as yet (2GB model) who can comment on whether 2GB cuts it for 64bit mode ? I run my iMac in 64bit mode (8GB) and was wondering if the small performance benefits are still seen with only 2GB on board.


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    Its very unlikely, if not technically impossible to see any difference, whether you run your Mac in 32 or 64bit mode.

    Whether you run 2 or 4 GB RAM will also have no noticeable effect.

    Where you can see small differences is running some apps in their 64bit version, but that is regardless of the computer and regardless of 32 or 64bit kernel.

    EDIT - here is a post that explains it better than i can! why-you-dont-need-a-64bit-kernel/
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