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    Default Best Apple iDevices combo

    Not sure where to put this one.

    Anyway, to those of you with multiple Apple devices, what is your best combo?

    For example:

    If you have iPhone 4, iPad, Macbook and/or iMac what's the best iPad iPhone configuration to complement the Macs?

    16Gb iPhone, 32Gb iPad

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    I'd say it depends a lot on how much media you want to carry. I've got a 16GB iPhone that is half full because I only use it to listen to podcasts. My 16GB iPad is also half full because I don't play content on it. I have a 160GB Classic to carry all my music, which takes the heat off the iPhone.
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    iMac 27
    iPad 32GB 3G (reading on public transport etc and watching media)
    iPhone 4 (listening to podcasts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajbeardy View Post
    iMac 27
    iPad 32GB 3G (reading on public transport etc and watching media)
    iPhone 4 (listening to podcasts)
    I have the exact same combo

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    Get them all!

    32GB iPhone 4, 16GB iPad 3G, 13" MacBook Air and a 27" iMac and you're all set

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    Quote Originally Posted by decryption View Post
    Get them all!

    32GB iPhone 4, 16GB iPad 3G, 13" MacBook Air and a 27" iMac and you're all set
    Nah, I think he needs one of each capacity of iPhone, iPad and iPod just in case, at least one MB/MBP in every screen size and a 27" cinema display to go with the iMac.

    On a serious note, there is no super best combination of iDevices that unlocks a super secret world ending feature. As with everything, you have to evaluate the options available and work out what suits your needs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by decryption View Post
    Get them all!

    32GB iPhone 4, 16GB iPad 3G, 13" MacBook Air and a 27" iMac and you're all set
    Right, this looks the goods.

    Now to get rid of the Macbook and replace it with the new MBA

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    We have a range of devices for different tasks.

    32GB iPhone 4
    Music and videos on the run, I always found my 16GB was full, the 32GB is usually a shade over half full so for me it's the perfect size.

    16GB iPhone 4
    The wifes iPhone has a few apps on it and thats about it. In her case it was just the smallest iPhone 4 I could get :P

    8GB iPod Touch
    My son's iPod is basically for games/apps. He has a little music and a lot of apps. For long trips we might load a couple of movies, but really it's all about the apps so 8GB is enough.

    120GB iPod Classic
    For the car. All the music is loaded on this so it's all about raw capacity. It sits in the glove box so is never seen.

    ...so yeah... it's all about what you will use your device for
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    32GB iPhone 4 - running at ~90% capacity
    Lives in my pocket so it's always with me - has a selection of my music plus a few TV episodes or movies, plus some free space for taking videos and photos (my goodness, those HD videos take up a lot of space!)

    64GB iPad - running at ~90% capacity
    Has all my music plus some TV shows and movies, and my textbooks. Usually used at school in lieu of my MacBook Pro as an excellent textbook replacement. Wi-Fi only as I got it from the USA before the 3G model was released

    160GB iPod Classic (fat model) - running at ~100% capacity
    Has all my music plus lots of TV shows + movies - used for general listening in bed/etc as it's much more convenient than the iPad which can stay in my bag and iPhone which is on the charger.

    Rest of the family:

    Dad: iPhone 3GS 32GB - a bit over half full of podcasts for listening in the car to/from work and at other times.

    Mum: iPhone 3G 16GB - hand-me-down from yours truly - mostly full of music for in the car

    Brother: iPod touch 3rd gen 64GB - who-knows-what assorted media
    iPhone 3G 8GB - hand-me-down from Mum when she upsized to my old 3G - not much on it as it's basically used as a phone as the iPod caters much better for apps and media.

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    If I could choose exactly what combo to get at this point in time, it'd be a fully maxed out iMac 27'' for lots of power when doing stuff like movie editing, converting videos and Photoshop, with an SSD. I'd have an iPad 64GB Wi-Fi to keep all my media, browse the web, and do all that stuff that takes advantage of the portability but still good size of the iPad. Finally an iPhone 4 with Telstra, 16GB for fast internet access out of the house, taking phone calls etc.

    This is far from reality, and maybe I'd chuck a 11.6'' air in there somewhere but my trusty MBP/iPad/iPhone combo is still much more epic then most people have so I'm happy

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    iPhone 3GS full of music and games for on the go.

    iPad for news,surfing and uni-PDF reading and occasional viewing.

    Mac mini hooked up to tv as dedicated media centre

    MBP 15" (2007) for everything else.
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    I'm not 100% on my ideal combo... I'm still trying to work it out

    Currently have a 2.4Ghz i5 15" MBP, 32gb iPhone 4, 32gb Wifi iPad and a beastly windows PC.

    I'm torn between:

    MBP + iPad (that I never use) + Windows PC
    Macbook Air 11" + Windows PC
    Main: 2011 iMac 3.4Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB, 1GB 6970
    Macbook: 2010 Macbook Air 11" Ultimate Ed.
    Misc: iPad 64gb WiFi & 32gb iPhone 5.

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    I have:
    16gb iPhone 4 used for music, podcasts and some basic home videos.
    64gb iPad 3G used for remote working, TV Show/Movie watching.
    13" Macbook Pro about a year old, used for travel when I need more than just the iPad.
    24" iMac that's about 2 years old, used for storing my main iTunes, file storage, iMovie stuff.

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    iPhone 4 32GB
    Goes with me everywhere. It has all my music, few movies and tv shows, and some games to play on commute/when I'm bored.

    iPad 3G 16GB
    I use this to watch TV shows and movies in bed (via AirVideo, hence 16GB only). Has magazines through zinio, some manga scans, sometimes I use this to view my photos while traveling, pity the lack of storage space though. I load some TV shows/movies when I go travelling (or whenever AirVideo is not available), and if everything won't fit, the overflow goes to the iPhone

    15' MacBookPro (non-Unibody)
    Best friends for 3.5 years, still good like new . My iTunes library is in here, I use the laptop to manage all my iDevices.

    A home assembled high end PeeCee
    Used for uni work and to play games.

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    My main Mac is now a 11" MBA - I compliment it with a 64GB iPad 3G (full of videos) and a 32GB iPhone 4 (ironically entirely empty, other than apps which consume almost no space) and a 16GB iPod Nano (touch screen one) for all my music.
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    24" imac for all my home computing needs.

    Iphone 4 32gig for when im mobile packed full of games, music and videos.

    I have a 32gig ipod but it does not get used anymore since the IP4.

    Don't need an ipad or macbook for my needs either.

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    Interesting topic.

    My set up is based on a medium user (downloading, movie and music content with web surfing and minimal word/graphic processing).

    Mac Mini 2009 - 300GB, 4GB

    I bought this with the sole intention of making it a HTPC - which works nicely, connected to my Samsung 40" LED LCD TV, 1TB external HDD (movies) and a 2TB (RAID 1 config) for backup.

    This became my main computer with all my photos, music and content. I don't need AppleTV or an iMac (I really dislike desktop computing, but the Mini serves a bridge between the old AppleTV and the iMac).

    iPhone 4 - 32GB

    Regretting my 8GB iPhone 3G, I was glad to upgrade to the 32GB 3GS for more storage. And now with the iPhone 4, this is truly a mobile device. Quick access to emails, web sites, music and movies - I find that I really do not need the iPad or MacBook as my main portable device.

    Secondary Devices

    MacBook Air 2008 - 80GB HD

    Before the Mac Mini, the MBA was my main (and only!) computer! It was lightweight, extremely portable, plus I love the form factor, build quality, backlit keyboard and LED backlit screen.

    I recently started using this a year after purchasing my Mac Mini. I stripped it down from all the content, upgraded it to Snow Leopard and synced it with MobileMe. The only content I have are my emails and few documents (as I use to use it for light word processing).

    Prior to the Mini, it had all my photos and music and accessing AirTunes plus multiple web tabs opened really slowed down the machine. Now, with hardly any content, I mainly use this device to access my Mac Mini (thanks to the one member who introduced me to Screen Share!), reply to emails and web surfing.

    NOW, I find my MBA to be an adequate machine, though it would be nice to upgrade to the latest MBA (basically for the "instant on" and lack of "spinning balls"). I also do not use my MBA outside of my home. I do not need a machine for word processing or any sort for work. And the iPhone 4 is adequate for any connective situations and for content consuming.

    iPod Nano - 4GB

    I did use this for the gym and exercising and for travelling (before purchasing the iPhone). Now with the Nike+ GPS app, the Nano does not go running with me anymore and my iPhone 4 once again holds the iDevice I primarily use.

    iPad - ??GB

    I would like to purchase an iPad - purely to watch movies. The MacBook Air is awkward in bed and heats up incredibly. But the iPad has great battery life, sturdy form factor and perfect screen size. I currently watch movies on my iPhone 4 in bed and find this rather inadequate (um, small screen size).

    I think I will only use it to watch movies (read books?) - either in bed or one a plane or travelling. I do not think I will use it much to connect to the internet, so leaning towards a WiFi only configuration (as my iPhone already has the 3G capabilities).

    But unlike the MacBook Air and all the iPhones, I have resisted rushing out on launch day to get one. Why? I am still undecided how much storage I require, whether to get the WiFi or WiFi/3G model, and lastly, I am incredibly underwhelmed with the lack of a FaceTime camera and retina display.

    Ever since migrating to the iPhone 4, nothing looks so crisp, so beautiful and so lush than the retina display. All the times I've played with the iPad, the screen resolution has been appalling. I'm sorry, but it truly is appalling.


    For a medium user, I cannot go past the combo of an iPhone 4 and the new MacBook Air. I have become incredibly dependent on the iPhone 4 to keep me up-to-date with meetings and emails, but also have the ability to entertain me for short periods of time.

    The MacBook Air (from reviews) is an incredibly device that has now matured to be a strong contender to the popular MacBook Pro line. I think for the medium user, this is a more than adequate machine that really strips out all the bloat (optical drive, which I rarely use on my Mini) and streamlines what a portable laptop is truly about.

    I think that the MacBook Air (whatever configuration, but would advise upgrading the RAM and flash drive if you intend to keep it for a while) is a great machine to even be anyone's main computer.

    Do not bother with any of the iPods on offer unless you just want music to exercise to (then get a Shuffle/Nano). And hold off purchasing the iPad until the second revision hits our shore next year. My bet is that it will retain it's form factor, but include at least a front facing FaceTime camera, possible price drop (one can only hope!), increased specs (processor, battery life and storage) and lastly, a retina display (again, one can only hope!)
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