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    Default Flashcard app for iPad

    I'm currently sitting my HSC and I'm trying to memorise quotes, formulas, questions, theories whatever.

    I wrote quotes on a whole bunch of expensive kikki-k post it notes last night but unfortunately I've run out, not a very good solution longterm.

    Does anyone know of any flashcard apps that they can recommend? Most of them seem specifically geared towards learning new languages, where you have a word, you say it, click next and then the different language pops up. This is great for that, but not for learning and memorising long quotes. What did Heathcliff say on page 241 isnt a very good way to learn them.

    One that has bright colours would be good, doesn't really need a massive database of downloadable cards.

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    Personally I use pages one page for each thing I need to learn I have the name and the description underneath then output to PDF and load it in iBooks it worked for anatomy if you want I can upload it so you can see what I mean
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    Flashcard Deluxe is fabulous. they are about to release an update with even more functionality including dropbox. It's damn easy to get what you need into it - ie. make your own cards or just download any of the free ones available via quizlet.com (thousands) which are then modifiable.

    When I get a bit of time I'm looking forward to seeing what I can get it to do push it's functionality as a creative medium.
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