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    Default WD My Book Studio Edition not being recognized

    Hi guys,

    I have noticed that the My Book Studio Edition 1TB for Mac is no longer being recognized.

    I can hear it and feel it spinning but the light indicators on the front are no longer on.

    The drive is also not being recognized after I have attempted to shut down, restart and unplug the power.

    I have also tried to turn it on by pressing the power button but still nothing.

    Any ideas on what the problem can be?


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    This has happened many times with me & after a few hours or so it magically just works again. Is it recognised in Disk Utility?

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    Can you try a different cable?

    Different port on the computer?

    Different computer?

    It is WD... much as I appreciated the free replacement drive I received recently, the more I look the more I see people having issues with this brand.
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    cheekyage, try the WD drive on a different computer; if it's a Mac, see if it appears in Disk Utility, if it is a Windows machine, see if it shows up in Disk Management. If it cannot be seen then the enclosure has done what far too many WD enclosures do -- die. They're horrible.

    The drive inside should be fine, if you decide to move it to a different enclosure.

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