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    Default New iMac 21.5 stuck on screen with grey clouds

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    Just got my new iMac 21.5 over to Thailand and hooked it up the other day. Everything seemed to be working fine.

    This morning I started it up and no problems till I went exploring the 'dock bar' and clicked on 'downloads', then some sort of cloud formation symbol I couldn't exactly make out.

    The computer now appears frozon in this state of a black screen with a smaller pic of thick grey clouds. Nothing I do seems to change this situation, even turning on and off the machine. HELP please

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    Dig out the pair of grey-labeled DVDs that came with the machine, and find the one which mentions the Hardware Test (usually disc 1), half-insert the disc into the optical drive and then power the machine up, and push the disc in completely whilst holding the Option key down. Keep the Option key depressed, and you should eventually see a set of icons showing all bootable volumes. Choose 'Hardware Test'. When you get to the Hardware Test main screen, choose the basic test to check all hardware. If it reports any fault, the iMac will need to be taken to an Apple service provider for warranty repair.

    If it passes, restart, leave the OSX installer disc in the drive, and press-and-hold the Option key again. From the icons, choose "Mac OS X Install". Click through the language select, then launch Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. In the left-hand list, select your iMac's internal hard drive (by its name, not the hard drive model-number just above it), click the First Aid tab, then click 'Repair Disk'. If it finds and fixes any errors, do 'Repair Disk' again until you either get "[drive] appears to be OK" or it reports an error it cannot fix.

    If you get the 'cannot repair' message, you are going to need to get a Mac wizard over to recover your data, and reformat the hard drive and start over with a fresh OSX install.

    If you get the "OK" message, click "Repair Permissions".

    Once these tests and repairs are complete, quit Disk Utility from the File menu to return to the Installer screen, then quit the Installer to restart the iMac and boot it from the internal hard drive.

    If you still have this strange "stuck clouds" problem, you will need to re-install OSX. Restart (by force if necessary, press and hold the power button for four seconds will turn the iMac off), and use the Option-key trick to boot again from "Mac OS X Install". Work through the Installer, and this will write a fresh set of all OS and Apple program files onto your drive without disturbing your account information, settings, emails and non-Apple programs. Restart when requested.

    Let us know how you go.

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