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    Default Phone not working

    Hi there
    I've had my new iphone4 about one week.
    No problems, loving it!
    Until tonight.
    I can't hear callers and they can't hear me either.

    Have tried looking over settings etc.
    1). Not on mute (plus would have to be muted from both ends for this problem
    2) not in airplane mode
    3) have tried using speaker phone / have tried using earbuds... Still no luck
    4) have tried powering it down and restarting.

    I used phone until a little after 5 without trouble. About 9:30 the trouble began. Only things I did different during that time was to go to iTunes and purchase 2 ringtones and assign to contacts
    And also used my car charger for the first time right before trying to make. Call around 9:30 when trouble began.

    All other features of iPhone seem to be fine.

    Thank you!

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    You're about to get a lot of replies saying "Take it into the Apple Store."
    Just watch.
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    when was the last time you turned the phone off ?
    sometimes my "keys" sound when i type stops, a shut-down / restart fixes it. Remember its basically a little computer that can make calls. It needs to be shutdown now and then.

    Helpful posts are great dacoda, useless posts are useless.
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    Looks like you have done everything.

    You can try a DFU restore to the latest firmware. (This will kill any jailbreak).

    Other than that, your only option is to take it into an apple store, where they will swap it straight away for a new refurbished phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil rolla View Post
    Helpful posts are great dacoda, useless posts are useless.
    Yep, I agree. If you read closely, my suggestion was to take it into the Apple Store.
    Macbook Pro 15" Unibody late 2010 / 2.66GHz i7 / 500Gb HDD @ 7200 / 8Gb DDR3 1067
    Black iPhone 4 32 Gb
    Airport Extreme Base Station (Dual Band II)

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    Or call the AppleCare help line. They have a great diagnostic process that will get you to the root of the problem (or to a replacement).

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    PS, less than 10 days old Apple replace new for new - just take the receipt, box and all components with you.

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    Mine was the same. Apple store just swapped it our for me

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    similar thing happened to my iphone 4 on sunday afternoon. Only lasted about 20mins though which was good...Couldnt receive/make calls if someone called me would just go straight to voice mail, no internet, not txt's. turned the phone off and back on twice, did nothing. left it for about 10 minutes all was sweet. indicated to me it was the network but had full 5 bars and 3G ??
    anyway, maybe just give it overnight?
    if not working by the morning try a restore and set us as a NEW iphone, not a back-up (as the back up might have some form of bug which will just make the iphone do the exact same thing)
    if no luck there, call apple or go into a apple store..
    if you are not located near an apple store, give them a ring, tell them your problem and ask for an ADVANCE EXCHANGE, they will send you out another iphone 4 on monday morning via express postage, you should recieve tuesday/wednesday (depending on where you live) you get to keep the "refurbished" iphone 4 and send back your other one..Apple should pay for the postage to you and the postage back to them..So its all free!

    Anyway, best of luck, maybe just wait till the morning, then try your luck

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