Test Speeds: 512MB SanDisk Ultra II card fully loaded in just under 48 seconds.
32MB standard Canon CF card that comes with camera 4 seconds

NB: it seems to take longer if your importing PDF and Word Documents etc.. or data other than photos... as the copying seemed to fly for the pictures half, and the other half of the card was documents.. anyways its is super quick!

This reader is awesome. I got it for $20 after an order mixup! but you can get them for around $35-40 delivered off ebay if your lucky...

Here are some pics.. its takes all cards, including the memorystick pro type which has had some problems with other readers, it takes CF I and II, SD, XD, MS, MSpro, MMC, microdrive.

The docking station is really good to use and can be un-docked and used just as the top half as you see in the picture.. it comes with a massive USB cable if you want to plug it into you desktop port which might be 1+meter away etc.. or it comes with a 4cm USB 2.0 cable that can be used when undocked and with a laptop etc.. so its protable... i like the fact how its off the ground and you can have it on your desk all the time cos it just looks so good..

But yeah this really works fast as sis much better build quality than alot of the other non-brand name reader out there..

I will try it with 100% pictures on a 512MB card and let you know if it runs faster... because it seems to have slowed a little with other non photo documents.. when i say slow i mean it doent fly like it does with the pics...

Here are some photo's