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    I am looking for an All-In-One printer (print, scan & copy) that will have reasonably low running costs, (i.e. will not go through ink cartridges too quickly).
    For printing, ideally each colour it will have separate ink cartridge, with the black cartridge being larger than the C M & Y cartridges.
    For scanning, it should have a flat-bed scanner.
    For copying, it should be stand-alone copier.
    It is required for a moderate-use home office situation.

    Any & all recommendations are welcome


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    I bought a Brother MFC 620CN last year and it has worked well in almost all regards. The 4 ink cartridges are separate of a decent capacity (the black is bigger) and fairly cheap ($15 ea). It can be shared on a network as a printer,fax and scanner (or off one machine via usb). It has a document feed for faxing or scanning multiple pages (a very good feature), a card reader (for camera cards etc) and an answer machine built in but... I have had problems with the answer machine (it cut off people before they finished leaving their messages) and I have had to hang a separate answer machine off it. The scanner can be used via the document feeder for up to around 10 pages or as a flat bed. It also has a speakerphone built in and works as a stand alone copier & fax machine. Photo prints are of a very respectable quality similar to my older 6 colour Epson.

    It is worth checking ink cartridge capacities and replacement prices because some of the cheaper machines are heavily subsidised by replacement cartridge prices.

    Answer machine problems aside the Brother has worked well and I hear generally good things about their MFCs. They don't fit half capacity cartridges into new machines for instance. There are much cheaper units about but it offers many more features than most.
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    I have been using an HP officejet d145 for about a year. Its pretty great, nice quick printing and the scanner works well.

    I got a little epson printer free with a laptop last month and have been using that for printing and I dont really use the fax machine or the scanning side of the HP much. I was thinking of selling pretty soon actually. Are you looking to buy a brand new machine or would you be interested in purchasing my d145?

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    I have the HP PSC2710.

    It does quite good photos etc. but the cartridges are not cheap (has only one colour cartridge).

    I bought it for the wireless networking capability. Not too many all-in-ones are network capable.

    I had a bit of trouble getting it to work when tiger came out, bu tHp eventually brought out new drivers and things have been good sicne as far as print quality and performance goes.

    if I had my time over again I would have gotten the next one down (the 2610) and connected it to a wireless router via ethernet cable. I find the ad hoc connection to the imac thru airport a bit flakey, and tend to use ethernet anyway.

    Must buy wireless router......
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    I've got a Canon MP760. It has 5 separate ink cartidges (C M Y & Black + a separate larger black for non photo printing). It has a 2400 x 4800 DPI flatbed scanner and will do everything else you want it to do. Also has all the usual built in card-readers and direct printing from digital cameras. As a bonus it will scan negs and slides and print on CDs/DVDs.

    Check it out here

    Cost me $350 at Myer (usually more than $400). Came with full cartidges and replacements cost about $25 each. Print quality is very good. I would certainly recommend it.

    You can find a review here

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    Dazza, I beg you to figure out for yourself the real cost when you're shopping around and comparing them! You need to know:

    - Cost of black cartridge and each colour cartridge
    - How many pages each cartridge is supposed ot print based on a standard percentage coverage (usually quoted as 3.5% or 5%)

    I'll give you an example of the Epson Stylus Photo RX700:
    Each Cartridge does 520 pages @ 5% coverage and costs $19 inc GST (that's RRP). It uses six cartridges, one for black and five for colour.

    So $19*6/520pgs = 21.9 cents per page.

    Obviously that assumes 5% coverage of each colour on each page. Text-only pages will be cheaper ($19/520 = 3.6 cents), a full A4 photo will be dearer (73 cents).

    Anyway, whatever printer you look at, find out how much each cartridge costs, and how many pages it will do at 5% coverage. If they quote 3.5% coverage (to make it seem like it does more pages), then convert it to 5% (ie: 740 pages at 3.5% coverage sounds like a lot, but it's the same as 520 pages at 5% coverage). To go from 3.5% to 5%, multiply the number of pages by 0.7

    You may baulk at spending another couple hundred of dollars for a more expensive printer, but remember that if each full set of cartirdges costs more than $100, and you have to replace them even once more say every six months than you would have had to if you bought a printer that held more ink, then that $200 you saved disappears within one year, and every year after that you're $200 worse off.

    Obviously you can't do this while you're in a store, so do your research online first, find the best ones per page cost then choose a couple of them based on cheapest RRP, then go shopping for those models only, and find the best deal you can.

    Also a hint: for documents only for your eyes, especially text-only documents, use 'draft mode' or a very low dpi setting (like 300di) - you'll get up to DOUBLE the number of pages out of each cartridge.

    Hopefully that's not confusing... :blink:
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