I was wondering if I am able to recover photos/data from my iPhone 3G.

After my iPhone was laggy after using Facebook, I decided to delete the app and reinstall it. But when I went to the App Store to reinstall it, it stated that I had already had it installed on my iPhone.

So I decided to turn my iPhone 3G off and turn it back on again, with disastrous results. The screen shows only the Apple logo for about 20 seconds, before shutting off. I searched online and found that a restore of the iPhone is needed.

So before I restore my iPhone 3G, is there any way I can recover all my precious photos from my phone??
I didn't upgrade to the newest iPhone OS software as I had heard that it can brick iPhone 3Gs or make them really laggy, and I hadn't synced my iPhone to my iTunes in about 6 months, but of course, in that time, I had taken more photos which have not been synced to my computer.

I've heard that there are places that you can send memory cards to, that help you recover data, but I don't know of any places for iPhone data recovery.

Please help!!