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The<a href="http://www.iworldaustralia.com.au/index.cfm/page/productdetail/id/464/NEW-iLuv-App-Station-Rotational-Alarm-Clock" target="_blank"> iLuv App Station</a> is a really nice unit. It can be run on six AA batteries or mains power. Aesthetically it's pretty minimal, just a speaker grille that your iPhone sits in the middle of. Go into any department store and you'll find heaps of similar products, but most are horrifically ugly. The iLuv App Station stands out with it's relative simplicity.<!--more-->

You can't expect audiophile quality from an alarm clock sized speaker, and peoples expectations about audio quality will vary. So it's very hard to give a simple 'excellent' or 'average'. So I thought i'd compare it to something we've most likely all heard, iMac speakers. The verdict is that they're pretty similar. The iLuv unit is louder and iMac speakers are clearer.

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The whole unit rotates 90 to allow the phone to sit either vertically or horizontally. When horizontal the snooze button is on the top of the unit. This is because the supporting iLuvAppClock application is designed to work in both vertical and horizontal mode.

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The supporting iPhone application displays a large flip clock which can be set to black, white or pink. It also pulls in either the current temperature, todays or tomorrows forecast from Yahoo! Weather. You can set one off or recurring alarms and it has a sleep timer so you can listen to music as you go to sleep.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people who love the interface. But in my opinion it's pretty clunky. I can see what they were trying to do with the flip clock but it's a long way from pixel perfect.

The alarm can play one of a set of built in sounds to wake you up. Or it can play music from your library. The latter I thought would be brilliant. It's something that really should be in the Clock app. It seems crazy to be limited to using ringtones as your alarm sound. Unfortunately I was a little let down. While you can choose a song from your library, you can't choose a playlist. Meaning you're going to hear the same song every morning.

You can lock your phone with the app running and the alarm will still sound in the morning. But if the unit is turned off or the application is closed, the alarm doesn't sound. The thing that's so excellent about the alarm in the Clock app is that it will always work. Set your recurring alarms once and they'll always go off. I find it a little hard to trust any third party alarm to go off. I still find myself setting alarms in the Clock app just in case.

The sleep timer can play the currently playing song/playlist in the iPod app. Set it to how many minutes you'd like music to play for and it will stop the music after that amount of time. Neat. Although a fade out rather than an abrupt cutoff would have been nice.

It's a decent quality speaker and a really nice looking unit. It charges your phone and even has a 3.5mm input for your non iDevices. $149.95 RRP is a little steep, but if you're in the market for an iPhone/iPod alarm clock it's worth the coin, especially compared to some competing products. Although I think the supporting app could be a lot better.

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