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    Default Is it legal to keep EyeTV recordings?

    I have an EyeTV and I record shows like NCIS...Just out of curiosity, is it legal to keep them for longer than a certain amount of time? Because I keep them on my external hard drive and don't delete them...

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    You'd have to double check the exact wording, but I thought it was legal to keep them until you'd viewed the show once. Or something.

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    With all copyright law it's a little 'grey'.

    From the Copyright Council:

    The new time-shifting provision doesn’t set a limit on how long you can keep a copy of something recorded from
    radio or TV, and there is no express obligation to destroy the recording after you have watched it. However, your
    purpose for making the copy must be to watch it at a more convenient time.
    The government has made the following statement about the intention behind the new provision:
    Whilst the exception does not require immediate deletion of the television or radio program after
    watching or listening to it, the exception does not permit a person to record a broadcast and keep it
    indefinitely in a collection of films or sound recordings for repeated use.
    From this CC info sheet http://www.copyright.org.au/g025.pdf [pdf]

    For more information see the Q&A on time-shift recording
    Q&As on time-shifting: recording from TV to watch later — Australian Copyright Council

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