Hey Guys,
Normally don't give anyone free marketing ( I work for an advertising company ) and I know with all the iPhone hype that this thread doesn't have the content to stay on page one, But I wanted to write a small piece on my small and recent interaction with iPlease.

I was searching the internets today, cause i wanted a leather wrap for my iPad. I have recently skinned it with a Gelaskin and protected it with a SwitchEasy nude, but im a perfectionist and borderline OCD. Anywho..
I didn't find the leather piece I was after ( I was actually after a flap of leather, that i could tie the iPad up in to walk with, the SwitchEasy feels like it will slip from my butcher like hands ), But in my searching I came across iLuv's iPad cover, and at $45 bucks Aus, I'll take one!

Like all things iPad though, you actually have to find somewhere that stocks it, and then pray to Jesus that you are the lotto winner that can grab one when they have stock. I found the local distributors list, lots of bricks and mortar stores that might stock them and afew websites. I found iPlease on the list, they stocked the cover, I went through the cart and bingo its ordered.

Cause I did it in a rush, I didn't check if they had stock, that I ordered the right colour etc etc.. So I shoot them an email. Within 15 minutes I had an email back, confirming they had stock, I had picked the right colour and that my order ( via paypal ) would be boxed and sent today. That was at 2pm on a friday..

I got an email from them again at 4pm, saying my order had been dispatched, express post. I assumed Tuesday next week I might get it, but they had already got it to the post office/pick-up, and using consume it has already been scanned at Sydney airport. Im sorry, but that is Brilliant. Just thought I would share the love, and hopefully maybe even get them onboard with Mactalk !

The case in question.