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    Default Problems with Snow Leopard on Windows Servers

    Hey guys,

    I've been having an ongoing problem working on Windows servers using SL and was wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

    I have just installed the latest update but it hasn't seemed to fix it.

    The problem is that some files appear as UNIX executable files when in fact they are not. Allow me to explain..

    1. Connect to Mac Server
    2. Find font folder (for example)
    3. Fonts appear fine - Happy days.

    1. Connect to Windows Server
    2. Find font folder
    3. Fonts appear as UNIX executable files - Sad panda.

    It happens with other things like 'aliases' and Quark files, but not all things appear in such a way.

    Now where I work, it's not feasible to only use the Mac Server. Also, we share the Windows Servers with other departments so they're not about to up and replace them.

    Anyone else experience this? Or am I Robinson Crusoe?

    Appreciate all feedback..

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    Sounds to me like you are copying files with a resource fork to a SMB share on a Windows server. When you do this, the resource fork is lost anf the file may be useless depending on what was stored.

    To fix this, the Windows server needs to have the optional component "File Services for Macintosh" installed and configured. Then, you can connect to the Windows server using AFP, and when transferring files the resource fork will be kept.

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