I saw this posted on the OzBargain site today and it's a pretty great deal for anyone who wants to switch to Telstra. Possibly better than the Prepaid deal.
$39 cap, no contract casual plan, min $10 per month.

Here is the link to the OzBargain description.

And the link to the offer on the Telstra site.

Call rates are 30c per 30 sec with a 27c flagfall.

The plan comes with $15 of "Member Credit" which you can use to pay for a $10 data pack for 200mb of data. Unlike a regular cap plan, the excess data comes out of the cap at $0.25.. meaning you could potentially use up to 1800mb per month.

The voucher number is "TF2OFFER" which you must enter on the shopping cart when asked for a Promo code. Nothing else is necessary.

This is a GREAT deal for those that don't want a contract on Telstra.

Telstra Family & Friends Offer (Again) - $39 Cap with $400 Worth of Calls!

For a limited time, new customers of Telstra who are family and friends of Telstra staff can connect to the $39 Telstra Staff Mobile Cap Plan that includes $400 of eligible national calls and data p/m

This plan has a minimum monthly fee of $10 per month and once you spend $39 on eligible calls, you will get $400 worth of calls to most Australian numbers and data (excl operator assisted, premium number and international calls, content and subscription charges). Of course, standard charges apply after $400 and for calls/usage not included in the cap. This cap lets friends and family of Telstra staff enjoy a great calling rate of just 30c per 30 second block for eligible national calls and a low call connection rate of 27c. With low rates like these, the included value goes further.

There are a number of handsets to choose from and if you take up a Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) you can also get up to $15 per month for 24 months off the price of the handset. If you cancel your cap plan you must repay all outstanding amounts payable on your handset.

Make sure you quote the voucher number TF2OFFER when asked for a Promo code