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Thread: GPS system

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    Default GPS system

    I have a 3G iPhone and a 3Gs version (the newer one being the work phone). I originally had the older one with Virgin mobile but let it lapse as I never used it anymore for phone calls. However I'm having troubles getting my mobile maps app working. Stupidly didn't think you needed a service provider to work GPS but has anyone got any suggestions as to a 'cheap' way to get a service without having to go through the whole painful process of signing my life away to Telstra, Virgin, Optus and co? If pre-paid is the way to go, is it just a matter of ripping out the old Virgin SIM card and replacing with say a Telstra one? Would that Netcomm MyZone everyone seems to be spruiking be an alternative?

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    "Maps" is not GPS. It is Google Maps, and downloads the data over the mobile network (or WiFi if connected) as you go. As such, without an active SIM, Maps will not work when out and about.
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    I think what you probably want is a turn-by-turn navigation app that uses the GPS in the phone. Once you've purchased it, all the maps are in the app and don't require a data connection with any carrier.

    Check in the app store under "turn-by-turn" navigation. Navigon is pretty good and only $50 at the moment, but NDrive is $30 if you want something cheaper.

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    If you after a turn by turn gps system.. I've tired all (tom Tom, sygic,ndrive) and I think sygic is the best for money and quality. 60bux.. You might want to also get the Tom Tom gps car kit which has a built in gps enhancer.. This will improve the signal dramatically.
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