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    Default The John Larroquette Conspiracy


    In 1993 (1994 in Oz) a sitcom hit the airwaves titled "The John Larroquette Show". A dark comedy about a recovering alcoholic trying to hold down the managers night-shift at a New Orleans bus station, the first season was an amazing televisual feast for anyone who was sick of Seinfeld, or Mad About You, or Frasier.


    Sadly, the execs said the show was too dark, and from season two the show began to lighten, and thus cease to be what had made it so remarkable in its first 24 episodes.

    Despite that fact, it somehow lasted 4 seasons, and brought us, if no one else, Chi McBride, the amazingly gruff teddybear who we later saw in such shows and movies as Boston Public, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Pushing Daisies.

    The Conspiracy

    This show is more elusive than the owner of a fart in a jacuzzi!

    I sadly didn't have the foresight to tape this show, except for a couple of episodes. It seems that very few others were so clever either. NBC have so far refused to release the series, even just the amazing first season, on VHS or DVD.

    To date, pretty much the only avenue for anyone wanting to revisit this series, ironically (for anyone who remembers the episode about bootlegging) is via one or two websites that offer bootleg off-air VHS converted DVD copies - for around US$100+.

    Recently a youtube account was created, and considerable snippets of the show were uploaded... all of very high quality... but the account quickly disappeared, and the videos with it.

    Torrents of the show disappear soon after they appear also, and sadly those that are available (not that I of course would condone using them, of course) are of very poor quality.

    Let's hope management at NBC die, and their replacements realise what they are holding back...

    This is a Dark Ride.


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