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    Default i have a few questions?

    Hi everyone

    i have a few questions?

    i have got i new macbook pro 13

    and it's amazing

    but the things is

    1-Is it become hot when u work on it?
    coz when i work and desige on my mac it's comes hot is that a problem or it's normal.

    2-There is a sound comes when i trun on the mac? is it normal.

    3-how long my bettey can stay unplug?i mean how long will be without chargeing

    thanx for u

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    1. Yes, it's natural for it to get hot, but not hot enough to burn your hands - and always sit it on a solid surface, like a desk - not a bed or a blanket where heat will build up from underneath it.
    2. Depends what the sound is - eg: The Apple Chime, or some other sound.
    3. The 13 inch MacBook Pro can remain unplugged for up to 10 hours - click here and scroll down a little.

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    thanx for ur help

    anf for my bettery is staying 5 hours

    what do u thing should i go to the shop and ask them

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    First try a simple process known as "Battery Calibration":

    1. Plug in the adapter and let it charge up to its highest percentage and leave it charged for 2 hours.

    2. When it has hit as high as it will go - eg: 85% or 90% or 99% (short of 100%), after 2 hours, take out the power plug and let it run off its battery until it hits 0%. One can speed up this process on Powerbooks / iBooks / MacBooks / MacBooks Pros by inserting a DVD, whacking up the volume and plugging in a set of headphones, while cruising the web on AirPort, so as to make it use up all its battery power.

    3. When it hits a critical level of battery charge, it will warn you that you're running on low power and your machine will soon shut down. OK this message and keep going.

    4. After around 7 minutes, your MacBook will go black, yet the front light will begin pulsing as if in Sleep Mode, and it draws on its beyond reserve power to keep this light pulsing.

    5. Leave it for two hours in this beyond reserve power mode.
    If you really want best performance, leave it in this state for several days until there is no power for even the sleep mode and it completely shuts down.

    6. Plug in your power adapter. The moment it springs back to life, eject the DVD and Shut Down the laptop.

    7. Keep it "off" and let it power-up until the battery is fully charged.
    Best to let it do this overnight - around 8 hours or so.

    After this procedure, it should run at 10 hours after a full charge, yet this also depends upon what you do with it.

    If it is "on" all the time while you're not using it, you may find it drains the battery faster than when you first bought it.

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    thanx a lot i knw i bothered u so much i will try it i hope it'll work out thanx again

    EDIT: sorry again for the sound that i told u it's comes from the CD room like it's read something
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    Quote Originally Posted by yahya View Post
    EDIT: sorry again for the sound that i told u it's comes from the CD room like it's read something
    It's just initialising the drive.

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