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    Default Sync "Documents" to iDisk (without using iDisk Sync)

    I would like to keep the Documents folder on my Mac (about 10GB) in sync with my iDisk as this is all my most important stuff (everything is backed up with Time Machine).

    I've been doing this by using the iDisk Sync feature of MobileMe which keeps a local copy of your iDisk, then syncing my Documents folder to the Documents folder on my local iDisk.

    I would like to cut out the middle man (the local iDisk) and sync directly from my Documents folder to my iDisk. The software I was using before (Lacie SilverKeeper) won't do it.

    Any ideas?
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    Transmit is much quicker than using the finder"iDisk" or any software that relies on the finder. I've found it to be great.
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    What about using Apple Backup? I have only just found out about it (it's free for MobileMe users) but it looks like you could create a "plan" to automatically backup your documents folder with your iDisk. Not sure if it's totally possible, but I'm looking into it now.

    Forget it, Backup makes some sort of archive.

    The newest version of Transmit might be worthwhile though. It does connect to your iDisk and you can set up syncing (create a "Documents" favourite to open up iDisk documents and your home documents folder then hit "sync").

    [edit] Actually, this works quite well and is quite powerful. I might have to start using it myself.
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