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    Default Official Telco Representative List & FAQ

    You may have noticed that we have some official representatives from Vodafone and 3 hanging about on MacTalk lately. Vodafone and 3 have noticed chatter about themselves on MacTalk and have decided to join in the discussions, offering support and information.

    There are some guidelines both the official representatives of the telcos and forum members need to adhere to.

    Telco reps are not here to sell. They will respond to questions asking for product questions and pricing questions, but they are not sales people. They're primarily support personnel.

    The telco reps are pretty much the same sort of authority as someone who answers the phone when you call them. Think of them in that sort of vein. They are here to help you get resolutions to your answers, but are not the CEO of the company.

    Telco reps are only allowed to post in the Mobile Telco forum. Not in the iPhone forum, not in any other forum.

    Forum members will treat the telco reps with respect. If there is any sort of abuse towards these members, it will not be taken lightly, just like any other user here on MacTalk. Ultimately we will determine who is the more useful member - you or the telco rep?

    Do not bitch and moan towards the reps. These people are here to help you. Any constant whinging or negativity will result in limited access.

    Be patient. There's only a few reps per telco, and unless they've stated otherwise you can assume they work Monday to Friday during business hours.

    With those common sense and generic kindness notes aside, welcome these people to the forums as official telco reps!

    If your telco wants an official representative on MacTalk, please contact decryption/Anthony.
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