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    Default Pzizz: worth the $13?

    So, I've started a new roster at my fullt-time work where I have to get out of bed at 4am. By the time midday rolls around, I'm starting to lag, and after I get home at 2pm I just want to fall asleep on the lounge instead of work on my freelance jobs or head to the gym.

    What I would like to do is get home and take a power nap to revitalise before getting into some more work. The annoying thing is, I can't nap during the day. After doing some research there seems to be quite a bit of support for binaural noise to help modify brain behaviour to have naps, help falling asleep, or to concentrate.

    I have the app "Binaural Beats", but I have heard some good things about Pzizz (the desktop app). Does anybody have Pzizz Relax for the iPhone, and is it worth the $13 price tag over the free Binaural Beats?
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