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    Unhappy Wearing/chips in MBP Unibody + trackpad issues

    I've had my MPB Unibody for probably around 6-8months now. Soonish after I got it (within 3 months) I noticed a tiny chip in the casing near the track pad. I had been extremely careful with my beloved laptop, and hadn't dropped it, or dropped anything on it, and I haven't worn my watch or other bracelets while using it. Rather than taking it to the store I bought it from, I ignored it as it didn't seem like much of anything. It was something that I did always notice while using the laptop, but whilst I've been on university break I have noticed it much more. The wearing has continued and spread right along the edge on the left hand side. There is no visible wear on any other surface.

    The last few weeks I've also had some minor issues with the trackpad and clicking. It doesn't seem to be nearly as responsive as before, and often takes multiple clicks to work. I've had a (very brief) play around with the settings and set it just to tap for the time being, but I'm also going to look into that.

    I know the wearing is not exactly a huge problem, but it's frustrating, especially because the amount of money that you pay for a MBP, you expect it to be perfect. And it is, apart from the wearing issue, and the trackpad one issue. As a student, I'm going to have this laptop for quite some time.

    Any suggestions for either? Has anyone had similar experiences? Do you think I'll have much luck?

    I probably should have taken it down to the shop when I first noticed the wearing, but I had finally gotten my new computer and didn't want to be without my computer. Now, if I have any luck with it, I'll be worse off than before!

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    fuck. i have 3 dents in mine but i dropped it a few times
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    Trackpad and chipping are different issues.

    With regards to chipping if you want to have a well kept computer then you need to be more careful with it. It is nothing to do with the design and you just need to be careful you don't bump it against anything else or have hard objects rubbing against it. Looks like its probably from a watch of bracelet to me, either yours or someone else who used your computer briefly, even if you weren't aware of it. Nothing any store or Apple can help you on unfortunately.

    Not sure about the trackpad, but the problem is more than likely just the software, the computer is slowing down or bogging down and is not responding immediately.


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    My trackpad is getting worse in my Aluminum MacBook - same thing as yours with it not being nearly as easy as it was to 'click'. Had the trackpad in a friend's die completely - could do a physical click as hard as you wanted and it wouldnt register, but tap to click and just using it as a trackpad worked fine.
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