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    Default MobileMe - calendars duplicate on iphone

    I have a fairly simple calendar setup:

    - a Home calendar for general stuff
    - a Work calendar (it's a grouphub website but I subscribe to a webcal link in iCal)

    Is there any way to get MobileMe to just sync the Home calendar, and not touch the Work calendar? The problem is, I also subscribe to the webcal calendar on my iPhone, so the iPhone gets the webcal version and the MobileMe version of the same calendar...

    Ideally I'd like to stop MobileMe syncing the Work calendar, because it's completely redundant - any updates get pushed/synced over the webcal link. Any idea how to set this up?

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    I am also trying to figure this out? I am subscribed to a few different calendars in iCal but I do not want to sync all of them to mobile me.

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    Any luck? I found this post searching for a solution to the same problem.

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    I think MobileMe calendar sync is all-or-nothing.
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