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    Just wondering if there is a way to turn off the brushed metal look of the Finder windows im Panther?

    I prefer the Aqua style windows, or whatever they are called..

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    Other than pressing the button in the top right hand corner, no.

    Though there are a few skinning apps out there I suppose - I haven't tried to remove it but I'm sure you can hack it out somehow.

    Try searching macupdate.com, or perhaps somebody here might have a more specific idea.
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    Try reskinning your osx using ThemeChanger.

    There are some sites listed there where you can download themes - just make sure you only try to use themes that are designed for your version of osx. Look for a skin called Demetallifizer.

    It doesn't load skins that are in guikit format (used by Unsanity's payware skinniing program). GuiKit2Dlta will convert guikits into ThemeChanger's native dlta format.

    I currently use "Paper& Plastic" on 10.3.9 and people constantly ask me, "What version of OSX is that?"

    I highly recommend ResExcellence for themes and tutorials.

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