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    Default For those ranting about the lack of 'features'

    I've read just way too many people, whether 'mac fanboys' or haters ranting about the lack of features that they had imagined (HDMI, SD, USB etc...)

    What everyone needs to realise, and i know that most people won't generally ever come to this conclusion is that the products that Steve Jobs creates are designed to be used HIS WAY.
    He effectively has told the world how technology should be used - hence features are not 'missing' but deliberately left out. Steve does not want you to connect a USB to import music or pictures, he does not want people to use SD to import things either - he is directing you to do these things through iTunes, the mecca of all things Apple.
    What is unclear to most is that what Apple sells itself on is being freedom from the restraints of a Microsoft dominated world, it is in fact drawing the world to it's own autocracy, Steve is god in his world. It is the unique set of control that most in the computer world have to relinquish to the consumer in order to gain popularity, but it works for Apple and boy it works.

    It is by the same way that apple products do not crash as much compared to MS products there the user has an limitless opportunity to customise. When you allow this, thing's are unstable because the common person who wants to you a computer just want's to get job done, to watch what they want without the hassle of software locking up or needing to connect extra cables all the time. By controlling the way we have access to our entertainment, he is giving the ultimate salvation from those sick of the instability of MS platforms. That is what makes apple, well apple.

    Love it or hate it, this is the way it is. You don't have to be a Jobs worshipper, but people should realise that this man rarely makes 'mistakes' by leaving things out. It is all a deliberate plan. Sure, some of these missing 'features' will be realised eventually - but that's part of the plan too.

    Sorry, but you live in a world where Steve is the closest to God in IT as anyone has ever been. And your part of the plan too....

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    I dont think people are 'ranting' about the missing features, for the main part they are just discussing them and debating the extent of the effect of their being absent from the device.

    The missing features are mainly a product of the Apple Economic Model rather than being technology driven.

    Just because Apple or SJ does it doesnt make it right, you may regard SJ as a god, but he has not quite reached that status with most of us!

    Most of what Apple does is driven by a very switched on marketing and financial team, they have transformed the business by creating hardware that locks consumers into largely using Apple controlled content where they make very healthy margins. This strategic approach to IT has been an economic miracle and the numbers speak for themselves.

    The iPad is another brick in this wall of marketing and financial planning, time will tell whether its as successful as the iPod & iPhone for the shareholders.

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    Glitch - your points are very valid too

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    Don't tell me what I can and cannot complain about. I don't care what Steve Jobs wants us to like - if people followed all his ideas then we would have no arrow keys on the keyboard, only one mouse button, no fans in any of our computers, and only glossy screens would be made.

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    Spot on ~Coxy.

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    Oh great, another zealots rant.

    I've already said in one zealots rant today that Apple's deliberate omission of features is wearing thin on me. I understand why they do it - to give us a reason to upgrade to the next version so they can keep their profits up - but I definitely don't like it.

    But don't they see that by doing so they are also forcing customers to look at what their competitors offer. A USB port or SD port is not that expensive to build in to a device but it could be the deciding factor for someone who likes the idea of a lightweight tablet to take away on holidays for uploading their photos to share with friends and family back home. Sure, Apple offer the camera connection kit for this purpose but that just adds to the cost and at the loss of the convenience of simply being able to quickly connect a camera.

    Please don't try to justify how Apple are deliberately holding back on features for the sake of profit as the grand plan of Steve Jobs and how he expects customers to use technology. It is all just pure and simple greed.

    I suppose it's a good thing the iPad is made of all those recyclable materials Apple boast about, because their plan is obviously to have us recycle them once or maybe even twice a year. Maybe Greenpeace should factor in the life expectancy of products (not how long they will last with typical usage but how long before they are made obsolete by the next version).

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