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Thread: Jobs

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    Default Jobs

    After loosing yet another entry today from this silly bug in Jobs, I'm getting a little bit impatient about the lengthy delay on getting this new version out.

    Even the beta Bjango promised would do, as long I don't loose any more data...

    Come on guys. I reported this bug when iPhone OS 3.0 came out...

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    Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but it only just came to my attention that jobs is no longer available via the app store or on the Bjango website...I guess it has been abandoned? I was just recommending my freelancer friend to download it, as I use it reasonably regularly. I guess I shouldn't get too excited about the prospect of an update any time soon then, eh?
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    Nope, I'd say it's dropped. Would have been nice to be advised but meh.

    A bit like getting us to pay for Consume and then giving the thing away. Certainly makes think twice about buying anything from them again.

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