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    In the realm of additional frequent flyer accounts, would it be possible to get support for Asiana Club?
    I know they're an obscure Korean airline, but it would certainly be handy for me.
    Also, it'd be very cool if the FF accounts showed the last few transactions as well. Often when I'm on the road I like the know if my points for the last few flights (and which ones) have credited so I can toss out the boarding passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc View Post
    The current expiry on data is 4 days. We have the "showing cached data" /// yellow cap on the header and the "Updated 2 days ago" status text. Do you think 4 days is too short? Most of the things monitored by Consume change quite a bit in 4 days, so we thought it better to expire rather than show something we know is likely to be very incorrect.

    Thanks. Lots of new stuff coming
    When Consume's sole focus was phone and ISP charges I agree lots can change in 4 days. With the focus broadening now...
    is there any chance this could be reviewed?
    Whether or not different categories have a different expiry date...
    or customise whether or not you want Consume to have an expiry date?
    or whether or not older data [the "updated 3 days ago"] becomes red text?

    eg I fly a lot... but keeping my Qantas and Velocity latest totals there for more than 4 days is fine!
    Same with Everyday Rewards.

    P.S. Thanks for v1.50! Hope the above isn't regarded as criticism... but rather feedback. I love the work you guys do!
    mulitple iOS devices - iPhone, iPad Air, and iPod nano
    Mac OS X
    - 13 MacBook Pro with Retina, Mac mini for media server, and a Mac Book Air here somewhere still too

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