Thanks Dudes and Dudettes. I only have till first week Dec to sort something out with uni exams etc in there so there's no time for going through designing something bespoke for her.

Thankfully I know my gf isn't particularly fussy with her Jewelry and isn't particularly fussed by the brand of it either. I'm fairly certain she'd be just as happy with a Michael Hill piece as the Tiffany. But I'd still prefer to give the Tiffany because it is 'better'. Bespoke stuff can come later, for something a little more special than a 2 year anniversary.

As some have said - precedent has been set. I need to create some distinctions to give me some wriggle room lol.

That said - I'm considering just toning it back to a dinner for two. But she likes shiny things. I like giving shiny things - so who knows...