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    Thanks Dudes and Dudettes. I only have till first week Dec to sort something out with uni exams etc in there so there's no time for going through designing something bespoke for her.

    Thankfully I know my gf isn't particularly fussy with her Jewelry and isn't particularly fussed by the brand of it either. I'm fairly certain she'd be just as happy with a Michael Hill piece as the Tiffany. But I'd still prefer to give the Tiffany because it is 'better'. Bespoke stuff can come later, for something a little more special than a 2 year anniversary.

    As some have said - precedent has been set. I need to create some distinctions to give me some wriggle room lol.

    That said - I'm considering just toning it back to a dinner for two. But she likes shiny things. I like giving shiny things - so who knows...

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    Not sure if you live together, but don't get my wrong my wife has a lot of jewellery, but it takes up an awful lot of room. We had to buy two big storage boxes for it. Now the thieves can just carry it all out at their convenience, but it also means I have a small spot to put my watch at night.

    Also because of the above eternity ring, I thought it was fair that I got the US Fender strat I had saved years for and then spent that money on an engagement ring but that wasn't til about 5 years later.
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    Ahhh, 2 years is early days. She must love you for your money if you keep buying her expensive stuff ;P A ring within a month or 2 of relationship is pretty risky!

    I quite like the style of the bracelet myself, but don't see myself wearing it often - maybe on special occasion. Just like all my rings, necklaces and bracelets I've been given over the years. I only wear one simple white gold band with diamonds in it everyday. I'm a white gold girl and diamonds. I know my taste, I know what I like.

    Everyone have their own taste in jewellery, some like crazy stuff, some like plain stuff. It's good to set way, and hopefully their partner knows what they like.
    Good luck with your exams OP, and hopefully you've made the right choice in the bracelet. I would preferred a necklace.
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