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    Default iPhoto haemorrhaging ... !!

    iPhoto '09 haemorrhaged a minute ago while I was editing a pic ... I used the Straightening Tool and as I was adjusting the slider the screen went all flakey ... I was able to complete the straightening out of the shot so all wasn't lost ... it was freaky tho'

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    Graphics card problem?
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    This sort of thing happened to me while I was recently in Queensland. I had my MacBook with me which has been upgraded to SL.

    I took it to the genius bar at Robina and they could not find anything wrong with it and they said they had not seen anything like this before. They suggested I reinstall iPhoto 09.

    I did this when I came back to Sydney and it still does it. Haven't bothered taking it to the Sydney genius bar yet. Also my iMac has since been upgraded to SL and iPhoto 09 works fine it it.
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