Hi everyone
Ok, this is weird. And it's happened to me twice in the last week or two. I quite often use Apple+TAB to switch between apps and apparantly there's a weird bug in OS X where the keyboard locks up and it appears to be consistent with this keystroke. You can use function keys and Coomand, Option, CTRL, etc, but no alpha, number, or arrows keys work.

The fix is to either bring up the Force Quit dialog box with Command Option ESCAPE when pressing APPLE+TAB you can press APPLE+ESCAPE and normal keyboard operation resumes.

I found the answer to this in
This user blog/forum.

It's weird how this has just started happening though. I haven't installed any new hardware like memory or anything. You'd have thought though if others experience this that Apple would bring out a fix for it.

Anyway thought I'd mention it here as information in case you experience this and as a question to see if there is some resolution for this issue.

I like using the APPLE+TAB application switcher, it's fast and makes things more efficient.

Ok, enough ranting!!