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    Default Transmission Web Interface from Outside Home.

    I've been having a lot of trouble trying to get this set up so I can control my 'completely legal' torrents (really just TV from the UK, which isn't over here, and as I actually am a UK citizen I don't see the moral problem, lol) from my iPhone while out and about. Basically if anyone would be willing to walk me through it is really would be MUCH appreciated.
    Quickly though this is how my network is set up: my iMac with static IP of connected via wireless to my Time Capsule that is acting as a bridge to my Netcomm N5BPlus4W router (connected to the TC via ethernet). The Time Capsule's IP is the listening port in Transmission is 9091.
    I've attempted port forwarding, but I must be doing something wrong as it just isn't working... maybe it's because of the added complication caused by the TC? Either way, if anyone could lend a hand it really would be great

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    I have this working on my network, the Transmission web UI is just brilliant on the iPhone (in my opinion), I 'added' it to my home screen as a 'web app', very clean.

    Are you using the firewall in the Netcomm? I would imagine that in bridged mode this would not be the case (you'll have to excuse me, I don't use NAT or port forwarding).

    You can definitely access the webUI from 'inside' your LAN? with the iPhone? and it works?

    Is there a firewall active on your actual iMac?

    You could try starting the web service on your iMac, port forwarding port 80 and see if that works from your iPhone (externally) as a test...


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    There is no firewall on the iMac or Time Capsule (it's the TC that is in bridged mode), but I've no idea about the Netcomm, I can't find anything about a firewall in it's web UI.

    And yes I can access it no problems from within the LAN from my iPhone (or my PS3 or my other computers...), just not outside of it.

    I have no idea if that helps, but if it can't be figured out like this, if anyone's willing, doing screen-sharing over Skype / iChat might help?

    I've taken some screen shots incase it helps make it clearer to anyone:

    Port forwarding Section of the Netcomm: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-1e6un...j2tpfwubxr.png

    Rule management section of the netcomm: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-thgej...f3caamkq56.png

    Custom Port forwarding section of netcomm (I have no idea what to put here, or if I need to do anything?): http://img.skitch.com/20090812-cphjf...5mkhs6m3t5.png

    Internet connection section of Airport Utility: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-brnjr...ujrpd8t661.png

    Network Section of system prefs on my iMac: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-tje9b...cgxw12f3dy.png

    Remote section of Transmission System Prefs: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-k8cei...k65xybjtk2.png

    And finally, if it makes and difference, the network prefs of my iPhone when on my TC's WiFi: http://img.skitch.com/20090812-kxfgi...tbsefu4bdc.png

    I know this might be a bit of an ask but you never know
    Thanks guys.

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