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    May 2008

    Post Laptop Laidback review - a laptop bed-desk

    In my effort to be more ergonomic and kinder to my joints,
    I purchased a "Laptop Laidback" - a laptop mini desk to be used when you're on the bed.

    Installation is a bit confusing at first - but I quickly figure it out by
    referring to the diagram, the drawings could be clearer though!

    Build quality feels a bit flimsy, so I'm not expecting this to last more
    than a year.

    Is it good? It's certainly better than not using anything at all.
    My back is more comfy and typing is more enjoyable. I'm using it
    with a 15" silver keys MBP.

    Rating: 8/10

    My next want: an ergonomic MacBook Pro keyboard layout.
    Jobsy are you reading this??
    Once you go Mac you never go back.

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    i have no idea why but i really could not stop giggling when i saw the photos of that thing in use
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    how stupid. the chick in the first pic has her knees up... REST IT ON YOUR LEGS!

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