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    Default Which portable USB charger thingy?

    I'm going overseas at the end of the month and have several 10+ hour flights ahead of me. I've been getting in to gaming on my iPhone recently and have several games I'm looking forward to playing but I think battery life is going to be an issue.

    So, can anyone recommend a portable charger for USB devices?

    I'm sure there is tons of crap on eBay but I'm worried about getting something unreliable that might do more harm than good. Ideally it would be some kind of external battery that can be plugged in to the wall for charging so I don't have to keep feeding it batteries.

    I have seen a nice backpack/case for the iPhone but ~100+ seems pretty steep and it'd be nice to have something that will work with the DS too.
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    I use this when I go overseas and I need to keep my PSP charged.

    Kensington Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod - Apple Store (Australia)

    All you need to go is get a cheap PSP/DS/whatever to USB charging cable and you are set.
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