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    Default powerpoint to DVD converter

    I am wanting to convert a powerpoint presentation to DVD format for viewing on television, is there any simple free software available to do this. I need to keep the background music as well as the transitions in place and formated. Thanks in advance for any help

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    in powerpoint export to quicktime movie then import to idvd/toast
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    [QUOTE=mac_man_luke;860351]in powerpoint export to quicktime movie then import to idvd/toast[/QUOTE

    Sorry ...bit of a novice here. Please explain in step by step as i cant find an export button and i have quicktime player not quicktime movie and i have idvd not idvd/toast

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    In Powerpoint (Office 08) select

    File > Save As Movie...

    Then select any option you need. This will save the presentation as a .mov file. This format is called a 'Quicktime Movie'. If your version of Powerpoint doesn't have the Save as Movie option, select Save As.. and select a .mov file type.

    Open this .mov file in iDVD - it should allow you to then burn it to a DVD in the correct format (sorry, I haven't used iDVD so I can't help with these details).

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