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    Default Amazon not shipping MobileMe to Australia.

    My Mobile Me subscription is due for renewal in 30 days and there are no cheap subscriptions on eBay, so I headed to amazon.com.

    Amazon are selling a subscription for $59.99US, but when I tried to make the purchase, I get an error message saying they wont deliver to my address in Australia.

    Grrr...I thought people have done this in the past?
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    That is correct, Amazon won't ship many items outside the US and software is one of them. Why I have a US postal address, get some of my camera gear and other stuff sent there.
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    Try priceusa.com.au (They'll have to buy on your behalf). The total cost including their service fee and postage would be approx AU$100.
    PriceUSA Price Estimator

    10.00 item(s) price US$ 59.95 mail-in rebate US$ 0.00 shipping in usa US$ 0.00 shipping to aust US$ 7.00 delivery insurance US$ 1.50 return insurance US$ 0.00 exchange rate US$ 0.788 5% service fee A$ 10.00 final price A$ 96.87
    I don't know if the AUD$20 saving is worth it.
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    Umm there is a guy selling Mobile Me (5Gb accounts) for $41 AU from the US on ebay.
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