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    Default CMD+Shift+4 & file dragging & window scrolling & text highlighting not working

    Everything was fine until a week ago when Command+Shift+4 to bring up the crosshair for screenshot capture has stopped working! I can still bring up the crosshair, but as soon as I click the mouse it simply disappears! Also file dragging and window scrolling and even trying to highlight text is now also not working properly. When trying to drag a file or a window scrollbar it stutters and staggers and is really frustrating like the 'click+drag' functionality is not engaging properly. I've checked my keyboard prefferences and everything is fine there and I can move the cursor fine and clicking is fine for everything else. Any suggestions as to what the issue might be? Could it be an issue with a system preference file that controls specfic mouse input functions?

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    I suggest asking at


    because there's no one left here to answer.
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