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    Default Natural Selection 2: Preorders Open

    None of you guys have probably heard of the wonderful game called Natural Selection, however the sequel has a awesome teaser to be seen and preorders are open...

    And of course the reason I'm posting is they are also going to try to get it released on the MacOSX platform so show your support and spread the news on Mac sites and lets hope it gets released


    Natural Selection 2 Promo Site - View teaser
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    I loved Natural Selection! It took up so much time back in my high school days

    Cant wait for this!
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    I used to play it religiously until we ran out of funding to keep Custom-X(old aaNet/Exetel) servers operational
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    InsomniaX | WiFiScriptor | Utility-Lock (SleepLock/AutoLock) | SyncBar

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    I cannot wait to finally play Natural Selection with a female Marine

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    Used to play Natural Selection at LAN's. Awesome game!

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