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    Default How to get Quicktime to show widescreen

    I have an avi file that is displaying in a 4:3 format in QT so it's stretched vertically. It plays in the correct widescreen format in VLC. I've looked through all the preferences in QT and I can't see anything that I can change that will affect it. It's a bit like when you change the pixel aspect ratio in photoshop.

    Anyway if I can get it working in QT that would be good.

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    In preferences, under Full Screen which is listed under Movie size: .... for widescreen movies. Did u try all the prefs there?

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    yeah, tried them didn't help. I've never had a problem showing widescreen movies in qt before, in fact if it didn't show correctly in vlc then I'd have thought there's a problem with the coding.

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    Hold down shift and drag the window to size- I know its a stopgap, but works.

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