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    Default iPhone Questions

    Hi all.

    I'm looking to get an iphone and have a couple of questions. Firstly, am I unwise to buy one outright? I'm on a REALLY good deal for call costs/SMS etc at the moment and find it hard to compare 'apples with apples' when it comes to phone plans.

    Also, if I have a wireless network at home, does an iphone automatically revert to that when I'm home, or does it still use the data allowance of the mobile carrier?


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    You can't really buy one 'outright' per se, you can get it on prepaid, meaning no contract, but you'll have to pay to unlock it, so the cost of an outright unlocked iPhone is higher than it appears.

    If you still want to do it (it's a good idea if you can afford it), yes the iPhone will use WiFi automatically if a known network is present (just join it once to make it known), assuming you have it turned on.

    Although it is still advised that you get some kind of data pack, as you may still use bits of data here and there when not at home, and this can be very expensive without a data plan.

    What carrier/plan are you on currently?

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    I'm part of the Jim's Group (as in Jim's Mowing, Cleaning, etc...) and we have a deal with vodafone through Crazy John's. Basically call costs are 5.5c/30sec, no flagfall, and all calls to others on the plan are free. I currently have a Blackberry and pay about $29/mth for unlimited e-mail....

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    I'm in the same kinda boat as Sadie, also with vodafone, but on an old cap plan that charges me for data usage by the minute not by the mb. If she or i were to get a prepaid through vodafone would we still need to unlock it or could we just put our old sim cards in?

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    It's a bit tricky when comparing plans you currently have with an iPhone plan... simply because of the need for data. Data is basically like the download limit on your home internet... you get given a certain amount in whatever plan you choose.

    When you go to buy an iPhone on a plan... the carriers will put you onto one of these plans (and I don't believe you can go with a different one other than the specific iPhone ones). The reason for this is if you use an iPhone with your old plan and decide to go online or check your emails or use any of the applications that need to use the internet, you will be charged crazy amounts. The carrier might like charging you lots of money but they certainly don't want to piss you off TOO much (well... maybe...). But yeah, it's generally a good idea to go with a plan. The other benefit is that you pay off the phone within your contract, so it works out to be a lot quicker.

    Even though your old plan had unlimited emails, that would most likely have been a specific 'blackberry' plan and works in a different way to the iPhone ones - so the unlimited emails wouldn't carry over when you start using email on an iPhone. This is because blackberrys are set up differently to retrieve email.

    I don't think that Vodafone offer the iPhone outright OR on prepaid... only Optus. If you get it on Optus and still want to use vodafone you would need to pay an extra $120 (or is it $150) to unlock it so it would work on voda.. and then you come up against the fact that your current plan isn't suitable.

    All in all, getting a new contract is probably going to be the cheapest option, even if you have a great deal at the moment.

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    Thanks greggory.

    I have been offered the phone as a buy outright for $915 (16gb) and then a 500gb data plan for $29.95 per month. Call/SMS costs would remain the same...

    As you say, it's all very confusing comparing apples with apples (excuse the pun).

    The other option I've come across is a vodafone business plan:

    3 months FREE access+
    FREEΩ docking station
    8GB Apple® iPhone™ 3G for FREE* or 16GB Apple® iPhone™ 3G for $5.05 per month on MPP> (or $121 upfront)*
    $119 plan over 24 months includes 1100 mins + 300 TXTs & more plus 500MB data per month^

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