I was in search of the LX3 here in Melbourne, but unfortunately none of the stores seemed to have stock of the item. Searching through shopbot, I found that a company called Techrific (- Techrific Australia FREE SHIPPING -) had stock of the LX3, and offered free shipping.

In terms of the buying experience, the website was ok. When you selected an item, it automatically tried to add all the other options such as a 1gb SD, case etc. So I removed everything except for the option for insurance which was $15. Since it offered free shipping, I assumed that the $15 was for using a courier as it would have provided the insurance. Turned out i was wrong. $15 was for "insurance", and the courier was another $15. Partly my fault for making assumptions, but it wasn't that clear.

Overall, nothing went wrong, so I got my LX3 today when I ordered it yesterday so it was ok, but there was absolutely not communication. I received 2 emails from them, one being the order, and the 2nd being the item being shipped. My issue was that in the email letting me know that the item shipped, there was no tracking number or an indication of who was bringing me the product.

I've sent them 2 emails which I received no responses to. First was to modify/cancel my order since I didn't feel the need for an insurance if it was going to be using a courier. 2nd was to ask them to provide me with a tracking number.

The delivery method used was Australia Post. After receiving the parcel, the tax invoice provided was a total minus the $15 so they must have taken the insurance off, but would have appreciated if I received an email.

Anyhow, I'm on the fence about this company when it comes to ordering a product. Indeed they offer pretty good prices, and have stock of items that seems to be out of stock. On the other hand, its like a MSY experience where anything out of the ordinary isn't really supported.

As for the LX3, so far AWESOME. It's tiny, and it attracts a fair bit of finger print marks. Might need to look at a case for it. PQ wise, I get the same WOW factor I got when playing with the G9, G10, and the 24mm is FUN.