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  • Canon IXUS 50

    6 85.71%
  • Pansonic LUMIX DMC-FX7

    1 14.29%
  • Other

    0 0%
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    Oct 2004


    Hi all,

    Well I am in the market for a digital camera, and was hoping to get one before my iMac arrives.

    I am looking at two different ones, the Canon IXUS 50 and Pansonic LUMIX DMC-FX7.

    Both have 5MP & 3 Optical zoom.

    Here are the sites for both:

    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX7

    Canon IXUS 50

    Im leaning towards the CANON more than the Panasonic, any ideas?



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    Jul 2004
    Brisbane, Australia


    Hello Mr jc, have noticed you lurking around the forums again after a bit of a hiatis - good to see.. Good luck with the iMac purchase

    Anyway, I can only vouch for the Canon IXUS range, which about 6 of my friends have, in both the new 40/50 models, and also the previous 400/430/500 models - and I have heard nothing but good things about each and every model..

    I have had an IXUS 400 for coming up 2 years, and it has been everywhere and shot everything, in all types of conditions (from the beach at Coolum, to the 3200m glacier at Les Duex Alpes in France), producing fantastic shots everytime (depending on the ability of the user at the time :P )

    And from what I hear the new models are a fair bit better than mine, with bigger screens, utlising the new DIGIC II image processor, a larger viewing screen at the rear, they are almost half as thin as the previous models (because they now use the smaller but slightly more expensive SD memory cards in place of the larger CF cards), and potentially a longer battery life - they also still retain the solid metal construction that has helped mine survive an absolute belting!!

    For me, what it comes down to, is that Canon make camera's and imaging products, and Panasonic make everything from TV's to VCR's to Camcorders... oh and they make some still camera's for fun (note: sarcastic tone).. I don't have any personal criticisms or positive comments of Panasonic camera's, so if anyone in here does - post away..

    the choice is yours, but Canon all the way for me and most people I know.. and take a look around at the football - almost all the pro's shooting shots from the sidelineare using Canon DSLR's, and if they're not, they've got Nikons - and not a Panasonic in sight?!

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    Oct 2004


    Ok, well I have decided to go out and buy a Canon IXUS 50.

    They didnt have any in stock, so I have agreed to pick up the Camera when my iMac comes in (purchased from NextByte).

    Will post some images from the camera once it arrives and I have time to play with it

    Thanks Spargo for your help!


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