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    Smile iMovie HD Video Format

    I only got my Macbook about a month ago, so I am still trying to learn the ropes.

    Anyway, I am trying to create a DVD photo slideshow + movies from my holiday photos and videos, and after a bit of research have worked out that iMovie HD seems to be more popular than iMovie 8. So I have downloaded iMovie HD, and now I am not sure what format I should make my project in? DV, Widescreen, HDV 1080i etc??

    The photos and video were taken with a 12MP camera (Canon Powershot G9) so I want to keep the quality of the photos at least (I know the video taken with the camera isn't the best quality). The DVD will be viewed on a 50" TV so I want to make sure that the photo quality remains and isn't lost when going to such a big resolution.

    Thanks for any help

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    i am not sure which format would be best for reproducing photos, but you have been misled about the different versions of iMovie - for this sort of project it will make no difference which you use.

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    Quality wise I don't think you'll notice any difference between iMovie '08 and the previous version. The only real difference between the two is the way (methodology) in which you put your projects together (although each has some features the other doesn't).

    As to Widescreen or 4:3, it really depends on the aspect ration of your source footage. Most consumer digital cameras use the 4:3 aspect ration, while most SLRs use a wider aspect ratio, but I'm not sure about the G9. A quick web search suggests the G9 can only do video in 4:3, and also defaults to 4:3 for stills, although it has an option to crop stills in 16:9. If that is the case, all your input footage is probably 4:3, so you should use that in iMovie to avoid your video/images being stretched (although iMovie '08 has the option to put black bars around footage that doesn't match the selected aspect ratio).

    As to the quality setting, I wouldn't worry about HD. DV should be fine. If you are trying to create a DVD that will be played on a regular DVD player, I'm guessing the images will be downsized to PAL DVD resolution anyway, which is only 720576 (DVD footage is only SD). So your photos won't be able to be played back in HD (hence the reason they sell HD movies on Blueray discs).

    If you want to pick up a good book on how to use iMovie (either version), have a look at the Missing Manual series by Pogue Press.

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