Hi. I am using a Telstra prepaid wireless (NextG) modem (ZTE MF626) on a new MacBook.
It has been working fine for the past 3 weeks.
However, I have noticed that the software (Telstra Turbo Connection Manager) is writing to the Mac system.log file constantly. My system.log file was 1.24GB in size, and increasing at a rate of about 15MB per hour!

Has anyone else had this problem?

If you are not familiar with the system log, it can be viewed by using Console (in the Utilities folder).

My concern is that if this file continues growing at this rate, it will soon be unmanageable, and may cause system problems.

I would appreciate any information from anyone else running the Mac version of the Telstra software, to know if mine is an isolated problem, and any advice anyone may have on how I can stop Telstra's software clogging up my hard disk.

Many thanks