I am a new customer to Maxo VOIP service and I have had some trouble with the ATA and my setup.

Alex at Maxo has been really helping me out but it would seem I have environmental issues with my set up and am getting the following when I have the ATA conencted;

1. Someone rings me and internet loses active connection.
2. During call get intermittent white noise.
3. Person hangs up, I hang up - white noise continues whenever I pick up handset until I reboot modem.

Alex has tested the ATA and all seems OK.

So I am looking at overhauling !!!

I currently have a TP-Link 1 port wired modem, Uniden WDECT Phone (desktop base station and cordless) All connected phone jacks have Line filters.

Now I am in the market for a wireless modem so do I go with a Netgear DG834G plus the ATA or a suggested Billion 7401VGPM ?

Anyone want to offer advice and/or comments, troubleshooting tips or just my planned 'overhaul'? Thanks