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Thread: Iweb+Forms

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    Hey Guys

    So I have just made a website really really happy had a html form from a free forms website on there but have had clients complain because the fields arent correct and not enough, but I cant change my form without paying for extra features now.

    What im wondering is with iweb is there a way to make forms easily or do it in dreamweaver and copy it over or something? I need to do this so I can take online bookings because I have had a couple of clients phone me and tell me its bad.

    Thanks for all your help in advance.


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    Why can't you take bookings over the phone if they are already ringing you?

    In all seriousness I don't think iWeb does forms from the little experience I have with it. It may be worthwhile hiring a professional to design and make your web site. I'm sure some nice folks on here could knock something up is both quick and cheap.

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    i do take bookings over the phone but its some people that have done a booking form but then they phone me to tell me something isnt right, ie there isnt a mobile phone field stuff like that


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    Peter Mount is offline Web Developer http://www.petermount.com

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    If you want to PM me I could give you help with form fields on a web page. What server are you running your web site on? i.e. is it on an Apache web server with php or is it on something else?
    Web development at http://www.petermount.com

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