Hi everyone,

I got myself an old eMac on eBay to use as a lowest end test machine for my games, and it came with 10.3 (panther) , which is fine as that is the minimum spec i support (well 10.3.9) so I updated everything on it to take it to 10.3.9 and it is working like a dream... except...

I cannot see any other mac on my network on it, and no other machine on the network can see it.

I have file sharing turned on and it has a share name... eMac (eMac.local)

The first Mac I ever owned and used was running Tiger, so I am not sure if there is anything else I need to do to get it visible on my network in Panther.

Yes, it's plugged in and on the network... thats how I did the software update.

Anyone (thanks in advance) ?